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I realized earlier this week that today is my “job-iversary”.

That’s right. 7 years ago today I started working full time in downtown Baltimore and haven’t left since.

Baltimore Inner Habor picture with ships

This got me to thinking…what was I doing this time other years?


The end of May my family traveled down to the Florida Keys for some diving. The weather however was less than cooperative and windy conditions prevented dive boats from going out. We therefore scrapped that part of our trip and headed north to Crystal River where we did our very first cave dive!

Dad, Kevin and Me SCUBA diving Crystal River Springs FL


My family headed west. Waaaaay west. To the “garden island” of Kauai, Hawaii. I fell in love with anything involving macadamia nuts and had my fair share of slushy frozen tropical beachy cocktails along the way.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kevin and Me with Cocktails in Kauai, Hawaii


No grand trip this year. Instead, the patio of our Baltimore row home was the site of a Memorial Day BBQ.

Baltimore rownhome patio Memorial Day BBQ


I was line dancing with my best friends.

Cancun Cantina is a country line dancing establishment not far from town and let me tell you it is quite an experience. This particular time Jenna was whirled and twirled around the dance floor by a man wearing a patriotic horse-clad shirt and cowboy hat.

Friends at Cancun Cantina Country Line Dancing Bar Maryland

Jenna country line dancing


Z was just starting his deployment in Egypt. I was getting pictures like this that were taken at his base. Looks rough, doesn’t it ; ) ?

Z and National Guard Members on Egypt deployment in Sinai Penisula


Z and I just moved into our first place together. Most of the month was spent unpacking/organizing/decorating/etc.

Z drilling hole into wall

Baltimore rowhome living room


I can’t believe it’s been 7 years. Looking back at pictures while writing this post was quite entertaining. I was just a baby back then!

My how times have changed….how I’ve changed.

When I first came to Baltimore I was merely a recent college grad pursing my dream job. Now here I am, well in to my career, planning a wedding to the boy I met on my walk in to work one day.

Can’t wait to see what the next 7 years have in store…