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Z and I have made it a goal to experience more of Baltimore. Whether it’s trying out a new restaurant, attending a festival or performance, or simply stopping in a shop we’ve never been in. There’s so much of this city (and surrounding area) which we have yet to explore!

The big event in town this weekend was Preakness. While we did not attend that horse race, we did dabble in the equestrian world a few weeks back when Z and I were invited to attend The Maryland Hunt Cup.

Maryland Steeplechasing

Libby and Ed, parents of one of Z’s Marine buddies, were driving down from Pittsburgh for the occasion and invited us to join them. We were told it involved picnicking and horses.  Sounded good to me!

In 1894, the members of the Elkridge Fox Hunting Club challenged the members of Green Spring Valley Hounds to a timber race: the first Hunt Cup. – Maryland Steeplechasing

A mere half hour drive from Fells Point and we were in beautiful farm country.

Barn at MD Horse Farm

MD Horse Pasture

We packed a picnic and blanket and met up with our group. They were smart enough to avoid the crowds and set up shop across the pasture by the woods.

Picnic at the Maryland Hunt Cup

We arrived around 2:30 however the race didn’t start until 4. We spent that time chatting, snacking and soaking up the sunshine.

Picnic at the Maryland Hunt Cup

Then at 4:00, the horses lined up. The race itself spans 4 miles and includes 22 fences. This sounds like a lot but in the end is only 8 or so minutes long!

MD Hunt Cup- Course Map

The fences were quite high and were a testament to how powerful these animal are to be able to get up and over them.

Maryland Hunt Cup horse jump

Well, mostly…

Maryland Hunt Cup broken fence

In addition to this little incident at the fence we were stationed at, a number of riders ended up falling off throughout the race. In fact out of the 12 horses that started the race, only six finished.

MD Hunt Cup- KM Watching Race

In the end, Z and I had such a great time learning about the wide world of steeplechase. I don’t think watching horses go around a track would be nearly half as exciting.

It was a great excuse to get out of town and enjoy the beyond perfect weather. Thank you to Libby (who I know is reading this…Hi Libby!) and Ed for inviting us along. Z and I are already making plans to come again next year!

K at Maryland Hunt Cup

Yay for new experiences!

I want to know…

Have YOU ever been to any kind of horse race?

If you owned a race horse, what would its name be?
(The ones at The Hunt Cup included: Professor Maxwell, Sand Box Rules and Bug Eyed Willy).