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This past week was Z’s last of training for his new job. This involved us still trying to figure out a workout routine that works with both of our schedules.


Morning Stretch

Workout: None.


Morning Stretch

Workout: Full body tabata from Tina Reale.

Tabatas are fun because they are fast paced. Each move is done for only 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest. You don’t have time to rest or even think…you just do it! The link above will take you to Tina’s page with descriptions of all the exercises.

Full Body Tabata Workout Tina Reale


Morning Yoga: Morning Yoga Fix

Workout: Dive + Circuit

My work day started off with some diving. I spent most of the dive tending to hoses so they wouldn’t tangle anyone up. This involved minimal effort on my part. For the last 15 minutes or so I was hoisting 30lbs of power scrubber up 12 feet of wall. That wore me out real fast.

Later that evening, Z requested a workout. His day is spent mostly sitting so he was itching to move and be active. I suggested this “Functional Workout” that I had seen on Peanut Butter Fingers the day before.

Functional Training Workout from Peanut Butter Fingers

It was great! No fancy equipment needed (we used dumbbells in place of a kettlebell).


Morning Stretch: It happened, although I lost the exact video…

Workout: Dance!

With our recital only a few weeks away we are in crunch mode. The dance is extremely fast and hitting the moves at the right time is crucial. I still don’t have it down yet but repetition is key. We spent a good part of 40 minutes doing our 2 minute dance over and over and over… cardio? check!

Click the image below and fast forward to 5:30. THAT is how fast our dance is and THAT is how Tina has stayed in such great shape all these years!

Tina Turner Proud Mary


Morning Stretch: None. That’s what happens when you wake up for work at 4:15am…

Workout: Run.

Z texted me at lunchtime asking if I felt like going for a run when he got home. The weather was absolutely lovely and although my legs were still feeling the effects of diving and Tina Turner kicking, I agreed.

We ran through Canton to our good friend Natty Boh and back. Canton Maryland Running Route

Total distance: 2.85 miles.

Evening Stretch: Since we skipped our date with Tara Stiles that morning, we did a routine while waiting for our dinner to cook in the oven. A perfect way to pass the time. It felt especially good after the run: Yoga for Flexibility.


Morning Stretch: Routine for Stress ReliefMorning Waking Up Yoga

I only have a one-day weekend and decided to take full advantage. Between meal planning, grocery shopping, blogging and an evening with friends my day was pretty much packed.


Morning Stretch: Hotel Room Yoga

No Tone It Up workouts this week. It’s good to mix things up every now and again. That being said there are two new TIU routines that came out that I’m looking forward to trying, one involving resistance bands. I bought some when they were on sale at Target and have yet to try them out. Will have to add that to the schedule for this coming week!

I want to know…

What have YOU got planned for this week?

Anything fun/exciting/thrilling??