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The Color Run is something I’ve read about and seen pictures of over the past year or so. It seemed like such an interesting concept that I placed it on my bucket list of fitness-related activities.


As of Saturday I can now cross it off. But did I love it? The answer is no. How can someone not love “the happiest 5K on the planet.” Let me explain…

The Morning Of

It started out promising. Z came rushing downstairs, cheek tattoos and all exclaiming, “let’s do this!” He was excited. I was too.

11 (1)

Shortly thereafter the day took a turn for the worst when a man peering in our THIRD STORY roof window elicited a phone call and visit from Baltimore City Police (filing a statement wasn’t planned into our morning). We then had to power walk over to the stadium to make it in time for the 9am start.

I felt shaken and rushed.

K and Z before Color Run


We made it in time and followed the hoards of white-clad individuals to the start area. Between the 9am and 2pm races, 25,000 people were expected.

026 (1)

Once inside the area we waited….and waited….and waited. Packed in a parking lot doing nothing but standing, for over 50 minutes. Runners were eventually started, but in waves. Groups were sent out every 10 minutes or so which led to lots and lots of waiting.

Upon arrival vs. 50 minutes later:

K and Z happy then not happy

I was un-amused and (since it had been awhile since breakfast) hungry…make that “hangry.”

The Race

It’s a laid back race. It’s not timed. All ages participate. I saw kids being pulled by their parents in wagons all the way up to grandmas and grandpas.


This created a bit of traffic flow problem once it came time to run. Ideally runners would stay to one side, walkers to the other. Instead Z and I bobbed and weaved for 3.1 miles through the crowds from one color station to another. color stations

The stations themselves were cool to run through. Volunteers covered runners with colored powder from bags, garden sprayers and squeeze bottles. A girl in front of me even dove on the ground and log rolled through it. Now that’s dedication.

I was dehydrated, still hangry, and attempting not to run over small children.

Post Race

We finally made it to the finish just as a light rain started to fall. Although the weather called for thunderstorms they were nice enough to hold off.

K and Z after race

We hung around the finish festival in order to experience the group color throw that happens every 15 minutes. The countdown happened and then…Color toss…we were left like this:K and Z in color

I was (still) hungry. I had dust up my nose.

Final Thoughts

Throughout the rest of the day I saw posts from many of my friends and fellow bloggers who participated and they all loved it. While I wish I could say the same, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

K and Z Color Run Finished

I think I would have enjoyed it more if:

  • I was with a large group.
  • I was a parent with small children.
  • I was new to running.
  • The starting line was more organized.
  • I had a more relaxing morning.
  • I had packed snacks.

If nothing else, at least now I can say I’ve done it, but I think I’ll stick to smaller 5Ks from here on out.

P.S. We were successful in removing all the color from our bodies AND clothing on the first try. Hooray!

I want to know…

Have you ever done a Color Run?

If so, what were YOUR thoughts?

If not, have you done any other type of theme race?