I hope you all had a nice weekend and a lovely Mother’s Day. Maybe you got to enjoy a Mother’s Day brunch, maybe you sent your Mom flowers, maybe it was just a phone call. Regardless of how it was celebrated, I hope that all the Moms reading this enjoyed their day.

Seeing as how I live 4.5 hours away from my Mom, and Z’s is 18 hours away, seeing them on Sunday wasn’t exactly a feasible option.

So today I thought I’d celebrate them both.

To our Moms: Thank you for the years of support, phone calls, advice, care packages, meals, tips, memories and love.  – K & Z

Me, in 6th grade vs. Mom at the same age

Mom and Me Comparison Photograph

Wine tasting

K and Mom wine tasting in Maryland

Turkey Trot 2012

K and Mom Ferncliffe Forest Turkey Trot 2012

deployment Care package making
Kristi making a deployment care package
Family Reunion
K Z and parents family reunion in iowa
Moms Unite!

Kristi and Liz geocahing

In lieu of gifts

I did what I do best: be creative. I made each of our Moms a special picture collage.

Happy Mother's Day Kristi!

Inspired by an idea I saw on Pinterest, I thought it would be fun to recreate a childhood picture to give to my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Since my brother was home I was able to snap one of him asleep on the couch holding a carrot (??? don’t ask my why). I was also please to find THE EXACT dress from the photo tucked away in the back of my Mom’s closet.

This was such a fun activity. I want to do more! It’s crazy way to watch yourself grow up…

Happy Belated Mother’s Day!