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Z started training for his new job this week which meant I was on my own for workouts this week. We both agreed we’ll have to try and figure out a schedule so we can do them together (ie early early morning, or evening).


We were still up in New York and while we made an attempt to do our morning stretch on these two days, we had a 4.5 hour drive to endure therefore not much else happened in the way of physical exercise.


Morning Stretch: Yoga for Bedtime

My late shift schedule allowed me to get in a workout before heading out the door. It felt good to get back at it!

Workout:  Arms & abs.
Tone It Up’s Love Your Arms (x3) + Itty Bitty Bikini Workout (x3).

The “Swaying Angel” (the names are kind of silly) was a lot more challenging than it looked. Raising your arms over your head while bending to the side worked arms AND core at the same time!

Tone It Up Love Your Arms Workout Swaying Angel

Winner for best total body toning move? These up/down planks with knee tucks. Whew. Tough, but good stuff.

Tone It Up Itty Bitty Bikini Ab Workout


Morning Stretch: 30 Minute Yoga Routine

I knew I would be diving later that morning so didn’t want to do anything too strenuous. Therefore, Z and I tried a longer, 30 minute, Tara Stiles routine. I loved it. In fact, I’m loving yoga in general these days and decided that we must go try out a class in the near future.

Workout: SCUBA.

There was 45 minutes of diving waiting for me at work. Pushing around a power scrubber underwater for that time is indeed an arm workout.

Workout: Dance.

The stretching was welcome after the day’s diving. Once we were warmed up we threw on our heels (yes, the dance is done it them) and away we went. Haven’t worn them since the recital last year so they took some getting used to. Many girls I know can’t even walk  in heels. Try dancing in them!


Morning Stretch: Morning Yoga for Strength & Inspiration

Workout: Total Body.

Tone It Up Surfer’s Paradise (x2).

I don’t know why but I enjoy tricep exercises. My favorite move from this routine involved a tricep extension all while balancing on one leg. Challenge accepted!

Tone It Up Surfer's Paradise Workout Single Tricep Extension


Morning Stretch: Morning Yoga

Workout: None (The American Red Cross said so).

American Red Cross

I donated blood first thing in the morning (my first time in 8 years! hooray for passing iron levels!). I was to do no heavy lifting or exercising for the rest of the day. This was more than ok with me after feeling like I was going to pass out in the Target parking lot.


Morning Stretch: Run Yoga Run

Workout: The Color Run!

I plan on doing a full recap of my experiences (the good/the bad/the ugly) but in a nutshell we completed 3.1 miles, inhaled a lot of powder, and only got minimally rained on.

K and Z Color Run

Overall, a productive week!

I want to know…

Have you ever donated blood?

If so, how often?

It’s definitely a good feeling to know that I’m helping to save lives. I’d like to start doing it more regularly as long as my iron levels are sufficient.