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One of the reasons Z and I ventured north this past weekend was to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Kevin happens to share his birthday with another well known holiday, Cinco de Mayo. Two holidays for the price of one!

Per his request, he chose a restaurant called La Puerta Azul for his birthday dinner. With a name like that, it was only appropriate.

La Puerta Azul on Urbanspoon

La Puerta Azul- entrance

Immediately after being seated we were given menus, and more importantly, chips & salsa. While I skipped over the salsa (onions galore!) the chips were fantastic. Thin, crisp, and not overly salty…my favorite!

La Puerta Azul- Menu and chips

Before dinner options could even be considered we all had one thing on our minds: margaritas! Especially after the Stissing Mountain hike we were more than ready for one.

I went with a classic (tequila, triple sec & fresh lime juice) on the rocks. Fresh cranberries as a garnish? Nice touch!La Puerta Azul Margaritas While sipping on our beverages, we made our dinner selection from their “to be expected” variety of options: tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, burritos, among others.

To tide us over Mom insisted on a guacamole appetizer. The cool part was that they make it fresh…right there…at your table! Once again, guacamole is a onion-avoiders nightmare so I steered clear, but everyone else raved about it. La Puerta Azul- guacamole

We continued enjoying our cocktails and birthday celebrating.

La Puerta Azul- K and Z with drinks

Z and I gave Kevin an electric-rechargeable corkscrew, knowing that he and his fiancée Victoria recently went on a wine tour and stocked up, I thought it could be useful. I warned him though that I’ve never tried one myself and kind of find it too good to be true. Can’t wait to hear how/if it works!

La Puerta Azul- Kevi gift

Shortly after, dinner was served. All of the dishes were presented wonderfully, with a taste to match.

La Puerta Azul- Dinner options


– Z ordered the daily special: Bistec ala Mexicana—Beef, onion and broccoli over tomato rice, topped with a cream sauce.

-Mom went with a classic: Arroz con pollo–Grilled chicken, peas, veggies, guacamole over rice with a lemon jalapeno sauce.

-As for me? Chicken mole–Grilled chicken breast, sweet plantains, mole poblano (on the side), with sweet corn rice.

Everyone loved their meals! This was also my first time trying mole sauce, which has dark chocolate as an ingredient. It had a unique flavor…not overly sweet and not spicy. The highlight: my sweet plantains (two thumbs up!).

Despite not having any more room, it wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without dessert! There was fresh blackberry sorbet and toasted coconut almond flan.

La Puerta Azul- dessert

Someone decided to drink his dessert instead: Chocolate Martini (Vanilla Vodka / Godiva White Liqeur / Bailey’s / Cream).

La Puerta Azul- Z and chocolate drink

Having my brother at I at home at the same time rarely happens so it was fun to spend an evening together full of birthday celebrating and delicious treats!

I want to know…

What did YOU do to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Anything fun?

Margaritas: on the rocks? or frozen?