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This week’s workouts spanned two states! Starting in Maryland and ending in New York.


Morning Stretch: Yoga for Runners

I began my work week with some Sunday SCUBA. An hour at the bottom of the pool scraping paint. Not the most exhilarating experience, but a great fine toning arm workout.


Morning Stretch: Yoga for the New Year

Before heading to work I went through three rounds of the Tone It Up Sunset Workout. TIU Sunset Workout

It was dreary and rainy outside and this only made me crave warm weather and beaches.

K downward dog


Morning Stretch: Get Your Morning Moving


Morning Stretch: Got a Pain in Your Back? Tara Stiles is Here to Help (Z was having back pain so it only seemed appropriate…she has a yoga routine for everything!).

I was done with work by 3pm and decided that a good way to start off my FIVE day weekend was with an Australian-inspired routine from this week’s Bikini Series schedule.

My favorite move:

bridge + shoulder press + sit up + punch.

TIU Sunseeker Workout

There were so many components to it that you worked a lot of muscles in the process!

After that it was time to channel my inner Tina Turner and head to dance class where we rolled, rolled, rolled on the river til we just couldn’t roll no more. Our recital is only five weeks away. Eek!


Morning Stretch: Yoga for Digestion

The rest of the day was sedentary as we hopped in the car and drove 4.5 hours to my parents’ house in New York.


Morning Stretch: Morning Yoga for Flexibility

After a morning of errands, Z and I decided to take advantage of the “not a cloud in the sky/abundant sunshine” weather and go for a run around the block. Living in a rural area, “the block” is really a 3.5 mile loop. K and Z run in Salt Point NY

A large part of that is roads, old stone walls, and forest. Ah, the country…

K run in Salt Point, NY

A nice and welcome change from our downtown usual!K and Z run in Salt Point New York

(P.S. I had a summer job mowing the horse pasture seen in this picture, plus the yard and apple orchard associated with that property. I like lawn mowers, what can I say?)


The weather was great, the fam was all here, so we set out on a hike. This involved a steep mountain climb with the end result being a fire tower overlooking the country side.  Kevin and Me Hiking Stissing Mountain

It took us 49 minutes to reach the top…and that was only one mile! With the trail being as steep and rocky as it was it essentially the equivalent of 49 minutes on the stair master. I’ll take a trail over a gym any day though.

Whew, what a busy week! It’s Sunday and I will certainly be taking it as a day of rest thank you very much.