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Z and I are currently here at my parents house in New York. It’s been 5 months since we were here last (Thanksgiving) and it’s so nice to have a weekend away.


Cinco de Mayo is more than just a festive Mexican holiday, it’s my brother’s birthday! Therefore Z and I decided to road trip up to join in the celebrations. It’s been awhile since the whole family was in the same place at the same time so it should be quite fun.

family shot

ATV-ing in Kaui, Hawaii circa ‘08.

In honor of my “little” brother’s birthday, I leave you with this collection of some of my favorite pics of the two of us throughout the years.

Kevi and Me 2

Kevi and Me 1

Me and Kevi 3

Have a nice weekend! Hope it includes time with friends, family and loved ones!


Wine Tasting circa November ‘12

I want to know…

When’s the last time your whole family was together?

Do you have any siblings? Are they older or younger? Do they live close by?