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Happy first day of May! My how time flies! Today I’d like to share with you a little baking experiment I did. The result was surprisingly successful and plays upon my love love love of animal crackers.

You may remember the “Animal Cracker Banana Bites” that I posted a couple weeks ago. While in the kitchen creating those, I was hit with another idea.

The result:

Chocolate Pumpkin Animal Cracker Bites

My initial concept was to make an animal cracker crust of some kind and layer a filling on top. When I saw a “No-Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Pie” from Chocolate Covered Katie I decided that it could work!

The Creation

STEP 1: Create base layer.

Use the “Animal Cracker Banana Bite” recipe. Create a thin layer at the base of the liner. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes.

Animal Cracker Banana Bite Base

STEP 2 : Prepare filling.

Combine pumpkin, cocoa powder, vanilla, salt and melted dark chocolate in a bowl and mix well.

Chocolate pumpkin filling

STEP 3 : Fill & Bake.

Fill liner with pumpkin mixture until it is 3/4 of the way full. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.

STEP 4 : Prepare topping.

I used the leftover topping I had from the Animal Cracker Banana Bites which included crushed animal crackers, pecans and dark chocolate chips. I sprinkled it on once the bites were finished baking.

Animal Cracker Topping

STEP 5 : Let cool then EAT!

I recommend sticking them in the refrigerator and keeping them there. The pumpkin layer firmed up quite nicely that way.

Look at those lovely layers!

Animal Cracker Pumpkin Bite

Chocolate Pumpkin Animal Cracker Bite

The Verdict

SO TASTY! I tried one right from the fridge, but liked it better warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds. A truly delightful bite-sized piece of chocolatey- banana goodness.

The Recipe

Chocolate Pumpkin Animal Cracker Bite Recipe

FYI: Although serving size says 6, that number is a bit flexible.

Happy baking!From your resident animal cracker enthusiast,