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I’ve decided that one of my goals for the year is to bring back the use of snail mail. In a day and age where we’re all about Happy Birthday Facebook wall posts, and quick texts, I’m bringing it back to the olden days. Back to a time where people sent hand-written sentiments to family and friends.  Personally I LOVE getting cards in the mail and figure others feel the same way.

Therefore, at the beginning of the month I headed to Target to pick up cards for friends/family celebrating birthdays in April. I browsed through, found beautiful, appropriate cards for each person on my list and was all set to put them in my basket…..then I took a closer look at the prices:

Birthday Card Prices at Target

$4.95? $5.95? I was shopping for FIVE people so next thing I knew I was holding over $25-worth of cards in my hands!

That just didn’t seem economical to me so I made a spur of the moment decision. Instead of paying over $25 for cards, I would pick up a box of fun stationary cards and use them to create personal, hand written notes instead.

Target stationary selection

Target had lots of fun options. The best part? Look at those prices! $4.99 for an entire box of cards!

I loved the springy-feel of these yellow and grey cards.

Greeting card

In each card, Z and I wrote a short note AND included a picture. It created a much more personal touch than a standard message some greeting card company came up with.

Personal birthday card

I can’t wait to continue this little tradition. Here’s to bringing back snail mail!

I want to know…

Are you a birthday card type of person? When is the last time you sent one?

When is the last time you RECEIVED a card in the mail?