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This week I feel as though I let Tara Stiles down. With daily 5am wake-ups to get Z out the door for National Guard training, our morning stretching fell by the wayside. We’ll do better next week Tara, I promise!


Rest & relaxation.

MONDAY- Stretch & Strength

After I packed Z his lunch and sent him on his way, I decided to get a workout in before breakfast.

Starting with some stretching:

Gentle Morning Stretch

Followed by a Tone It Up full body routine:


I have a physio ball at home, but rarely think to use it. I was excited to find this entire workout based around it. You can view and even download the entire Beach Ball Workout if you’d like to give it a try.

TUESDAY- Dive & Dash

Another morning, another scuba dive. This time I spent an hour at 24 feet, scraping paint. While this doesn’t sound overly exerting, the small, isolated, repetitive arm movements required made my arms burn.  We’ll call it “fine toning.”

Z was home from training early that afternoon and convinced me to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and head out for a run. While I was hungry and really didn’t want to, I’m glad I did. Being outside, sun shining down, listening to good music…it was a great run.

April 23 Harbor East Run


After some stretching, we completed the choreography for our recital routine. Let me tell you…it. is. fast. Tina Turner DOES NOT mess around when it comes to Proud Mary.

[via Boston.com]

Even though I walked away with a slight feeling of whiplash, once it all comes together it should be quite a spectacle.


This past week I signed up for Tone It Up’s Bikini Series.

“Join us for 8 weeks of bikini workouts, prizes, motivation & much more!”

Essentially, they provide 8 week’s worth of workout suggestions to get you toned and ready just in time for summer. Coming up with workouts on my own in daunting, so having someone give me suggestions for each day of the week is great!

While I don’t foresee myself sticking to their schedule 100% (for starters I don’t workout EVERY day). I do plan on using it as a guide for my usual strength training days.

The best part is that by signing up, you instantly join a community of women who motivate and inspire each other along the way. There are a number of fellow Baltimoreans who have signed up as well: Kate, Caitlyn, Anne Marie, (just to name a few). We have already started encouraging each other and I think having a network of positive reinforcement is absolutely awesome.

Before I started my first official bikini series workout:

Making Space Yoga

Then it was time for the “Bikini Strap Workout”. Z did it along with me so now he’ll be bikini-ready too. Here’s just a snapshot of what it included.


Those push-up/plank/rows were no joke. Especially 3 sets in…


No workout to be had. It was the first day off that Z and I have had together in a couple weeks now so it was jam-packed full of errands and hard core spring cleaning.


Another jam-packed day. I was in total spring cleaning mode…closets, windows (inside AND out). It felt so good!

I had wanted to fit in a quick workout before heading out the door to our afternoon plans but by the time we got around to it we were crunched for time. A short workout is better than none at all, I suppose!

We did our favorite Tara Stiles morning stretch, followed by one round of Friday’s Tone It Up Bikini Series challenge routine:

Now I’m off to work, starting off my week with some SCUBA. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!