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I cannot believe it’s over half way through April already. I’m certainly not complaining though because the warm temperatures have truly lifted my spirits. I honestly feel like I have more energy and motivation and am just more productive overall. Hooray!

Let’s take a look at this week’s workouts:


K + Z + Tara Stiles….aka, the usual.


Another right-out-of-bed stretch. If only the view we had while doing it was like THIS one:

Yoga Warm Up

Since it was a late shift day at work that meant there was plenty of time for a morning strength session.

Tone It Up’s “Tone! Lift! Cinch!” Workout

Tone it Up's TLC workout

Wow! My arms were certainly burning by the end.

As a follow up, I had some SCUBA awaiting me at work. A total of 53 minutes scrubbing a 12 foot pool. Count that as my leg workout for the day/week. Going up stairs was a challenge the rest of the day.


The morning yoga usual, which was most certainly needed after the weights and diving the day before.


Morning stretch, followed by an afternoon run. Temps were in the lower 80s and I was off of work at 3:00 creating the perfect conditions for an pm run in the sun.

Z and I did our Fells-Canton usual:

Canton Fells Running Route

Later that evening I headed to dance. Lots of good stretching to be had!

We have started the routine for our June recital (yes, even adults have recitals) and it promises to be a fun dance. Why is that you ask? Because we will be clad in gold sparkles and shaking up a storm to:

Proud Mary

Can’t wait!


After all the hair flipping choreography the night before, some “very gentle” morning yoga sounded good to me.

Gentle Morning Yoga


I spent the morning doing errands and managed to fit in a short workout before lunch.

I started with some Tara:

Slim Waist Yoga

Followed up with some arm work…after all, it IS almost tank top time.

Tank in 20 Arm workout


More stretching. Especially since my lower back/obliques were feeling the effects of those weighted side bends from the day before!

Does spring cleaning count as a workout? Sweeping and swiffering? Kinda sorta maybe?

Another week down….