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I’ve come to realize that blogging, while something I LOVE, can be quite time consuming. Especially for a perfectionist like myself. When I sit down to write a post I tend to get really involved and end up spending tons of time making it jussssst right. While this make me happy in terms of the quality of product I produce, once again it takes time.

In order to allow myself the opportunity to tackle my weekly to-do lists, wedding planning, household projects, get-togethers and relaxing I’m going to take Saturdays off. There will be no long, pensive, detailed posts. Instead, it may be a quote, a picture, a video….just a little “something.”

So on the weekends, I invite you to continue stopping by for a quick, fun, inspirational, motivational….something.


What will you do today that will make you proud in a year?

[via Chipper Things]