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It’s that time of the week…

Today I’d like to tell you a little story called, “the not-overly-sweet-yet-still-delicious-AND-it’s-healthy” cookie.

Sunflower Seed Cookies

I’m always on the lookout for new healthy baking recipes. Not all cookies have to be butter-sugar-laden calorie traps. Swapping out ingredients here and there can create the same type of taste with lots more health benefits.

Take this recipe for example, courtesy of Shape Magazine. It features quinoa, so of course I had to try it. image

(*Sidenote: Denise told me that if I started my own food truck I should name is “Quinoa Queen” and feature dishes for breakfast/lunch/dinner featuring it. I have to say, it’s a genius idea…).

STEP 1: Gather ingredients.

All I had on hand was sunflower seed butter. If I made again I’d stick with peanut butter. The consistency on the sunflower seed butter was more dry and therefore not as binding. I also omitted the honey (not FODMAP friendly).


STEP 2: Mix.


STEP 3: Scoop out a tablespoon’s worth at a time. I was able to get 10 cookies-worth.


STEP 4: Bake.

What I found interesting was the low heat setting that was called for. 175? I’ve never set my oven to that temp before. Because of this you’ll also notice that cooking time is one hour.


STEP 5: Eat!


The Verdict

As I mentioned, the sunflower seed butter wasn’t quite oily enough to hold these together that well. However, I put them in the freezer and kept them there until I was ready to eat. They stayed together just fine that way.

Omitting the honey also left out a great deal of sweetness, which I personally prefer. Alter according to your own taste. The chocolate chips added just enough sweetness for me.

The versatility of quinoa never ceases to amaze me. I could have a food truck and feature it for EVERY meal. Hmm, future business venture perhaps?

I want to know…

What’s YOUR favorite quinoa recipe? Share in the comments below, I’d love to try them out!