As you know, Z and I try to plan date nights minimally once a month. This usually involves making ourselves look presentable (i.e. something other than yoga pants and sweatshirts) and heading out to try a new restaurant in the area.

K and Z date night

Some of our previous date nights:

Bond Street Social, Fells Point

Baltimore Restaurant Week

Salt, Upper Fells Point

Night In Date Night

Last time we were out I thought it would be fun to bring along some “getting to know you questions” to chat over while we eat. Sure Z and I have been together almost three years, but every now and again I learn something about him that I didn’t already know.

Now Z is no stranger to my questions. I like to remind him of the time when we first started dating when he didn’t really talk. It’s true! He thereby forced me to come prepared to our dates with questions and conversation starters.

Fact: I once made Z explain to me every common military term and abbreviation when we were out at dinner and recorded it on the placemat (which I still have to this day).

abbrevs 2

There are tons of sites out there with lists such as “81 Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend,” or “Questions You Must Ask Before the Wedding Day.” Type “questions to ask your fiancé” into Google and you’ll see what I mean.

I browsed a few of them and came up with the following list to discuss over dinner.

Date Nigh- 15 Questions to Ask Your Fiance

It was fun!

I learned that if Z could live anywhere it would be Italy and that if he could do anything tomorrow it would be to pack a bag and travel to Morocco.

As for me, the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought for myself was a trip to Vegas to see my two friends get married and the first word that comes to mind when asked to describe myself is “creative.”

I encourage you to do the same with your significant other. It’s so easy to fall into the routine of everyday life. Take a moment and connect with the one you love. You never know what fun things you may learn!

(P.S. The best advice Z ever received: “Do what makes you happy.” Couldn’t agree more.)