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I’ve got a tasty breakfast treat to share with you today!

Banana Split Oatmeal-- The Adventures of Z and K

Recently, I started following a blog called The Candid RD.


It’s written by Gina, a Registered Dietician from Ohio, who has been following a low FODMAP diet for the past three years. I’ve found her page to be a good resource for recipe inspiration.

Once such recipe I came across and immediately pinned was her banana split oatmeal.


All the fruits involved are FODMAP approved! I decided to give it a whirl.

The Recipe

Visit Gina’s page to see the exact recipe. Here’s an overview:

STEP 1: Gather ingredients.

001 (2)

STEP 2:  While oats are cooking, chop fruit into bite-sized pieces.

005 (2)

STEP 3: Add 1TBSP of your favorite nut.

The recipe called for walnuts but I used cinnamon almonds instead (I love my SCUBA measuring spoon so much!).

007 (2)

STEP 4:  Mix together and enjoy!


The Verdict

I decided to omit the chocolate chips that the recipe called for (I try and save chocolate only for desserts post lunch/dinner). It was a good choice because the recipe was amazing without them!

I forgot how much I love pineapple! It’s not something I regularly buy but that might have to change. Z and I typically just throw one type of fruit into whatever it is we’re making, but I loved the combination of three different varieties. That’s something else I plan to start doing—new fruit flavor combinations.

This was a refreshing change of pace from our oatmeal usual. Let the search for more varieties continue!

Now I want to know…

What’s your favorite recipe that includes pineapple?