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This week I took it pretty easy. I knew that Saturday was my 8K race and wanted to make sure I was going into that without the hindrance of any sore muscles. Here’s how the week turned out:


Started the day with a yoga stretch, as usual.


My work shifts have changed and now some days don’t start until 9:30 (that’s practically half way through the day in my world!). This creates plenty of time to get a workout in before heading out the door.

Z and I used this as a warm-up:

Tara Stiles energizing yoga

From there we went through Tone It Up’s Drop 10: Strength workout.


Their combo moves always challenge me and I found myself completely uncoordinated when it came to this move:image

She makes it look so easy!


Yoga is not only great when I need some flexibility work, but it’s a great way to de-stress. I may be in my pajamas when I do this, but she’s in JEANS!

Tara Stiles Yoga to De-Stress


Another morning stretch, nothing crazy.


Another 9:30 late shift day meant morning strength training. Netflix had delivered me another Jillian Michael’s workout DVD. This time it was her “No More Trouble Zones” edition.

The entire DVD is 40 minutes. Knowing that I was scheduled to dive later that morning, we decided to skip over anything leg-related.

We did three of the circuits: Upper Body & Core, Chest & Abs, Biceps and Butt. Once again, Jillian doesn’t mess around!

Once I arrived at work it was time to hit the pool. An hour of diving was on the agenda.



My stomach was in a tailspin, a downward spiral, the entire day. But don’t worry, Tara Stiles has a routine for that (hence the reason she’s the best).

Tara Stiles digestion yoga


Race day! Z and I were supposed to be running an 8K together but last minute training stole him away. I carried on (despite stomach issues, mentioned above) and was able to complete the 4.97 miles…the longest distance I’ve ran in three years!


Unfortunately the tracking app on my phone never started (fail) so I don’t have a fancy route map to share with you this time. But I finished at just over 53 minutes. Not a quick pace, but I’ll take it!

Look for a full race recap later this week.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Temps here in Baltimore this week are going to be skyrocketing (almost 80 on Tuesday?!). Can’t wait!

I want to know…

Do you have any fun outdoor activities planned to take advantage of the amazing weather?