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With Z’s training finally being over our schedule this week returned to normal. That means we were actually able to have dinner together and thus my motivation to cook increased once again.

When meal planning for this past week I wanted to try and stick with meals that were low FODMAP (or could easily be made so).

Saturday- Chicken Parm Zucchini Boats

Recipe Source: My mind!
The Verdict: I had a squash to use up and knew this was the way to do it. Also, I look for any excuse to use fresh basil.


Sunday- Chicken w/Winter Fruit Salsa

Recipe Source: Iowa Girl Eats
The Verdict: We’ve made this now multiple times and there’s a reason. It’s just SO good.


Monday- Cilantro-Lime Shrimp w/Kiwi Quinoa

Recipe Source: Skinnytaste & Iowa Girl Eats
The Verdict: Light and refreshing. Will be a great dish for enjoying out on the deck when the weather warms up a bit. There was also minimal preparation required (since I made the quinoa the night before) so it was ready in no time.




Tuesday- BBQ Tilapia & Sweet Potato Fries

Recipe Source: My own mind.
The Verdict: Tilapia is quickly becoming my new favorite fish. It’s so light and versatile. Trader Joe’s sells them frozen which is great for throwing in the freezer and breaking out on a night when you need a quick meal.


Wednesday- Grilled Chicken & Arugula Salad + Skinny Mini Cheesecakes!

Recipe Source: Z’s Mind/SkinnyMs.
The Verdict: We hosted an impromptu dinner gathering with friends and served chicken on the grill (marinated in lemon/lime), and a make-your-own salad bar. By far the highlight was the dessert! I had pinned the recipe that morning and Z decided to make it that evening. He did everything on his own! So proud! 007

Thursday- Chicken Tacos

Recipe Source:  Leftovers!
The Verdict: I had leftover grilled chicken from the night before so put it to good use. These corn tortillas were a gluten-free replacement for my usual whole wheat tortillas. I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying them.


As for tonight, who knows. My stomach is playing tricks on me and nothing sounds appealing at the moment. We shall have to wait and see.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!