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I don’t know what’s gotten in to me lately but I’ve been so domestic. Actually turning on the oven and baking things? Who am I?!

In honor of today’s “What I Ate Wednesday” I would like to share with you a tasty, easy, guilt-free recipe I tried recently. I cannot believe I haven’t shared this recipe yet!


Chocolate Cake Thins from the adventures of z and k

I found this recipe on SkinnyMs.com but originated on a blog called Kats Health Corner.

The original recipe calls them “pizzerts”…as in dessert pizzas. I couldn’t really get behind that so decided to go with what they are: cake thins!

They were not difficult to make at all. Here’s what it takes…


STEP 1: Gather ingredients. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk was added at the end.

Chocolate Cake Thin Ingredients

STEP 2: Pour batter into bottom of cupcake liners (I had enough for six of them). Bake at 350 for ~7 minutes.


STEP 3: Once fully cooked let cool.

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Not so difficult, huh?

I have some friends who are tracking eats on MyFitnessPal, so thought I’d share the nutrition facts in case you’re interested.


At 26 calories each they are a great guilt-free chocolately treat!


Now comes the fun part: toppings. The original recipe was designed to be:

“Almond Joy”: almond butter + coconut + chocolate chips.

However, I did some experimenting on my own:

“S’More”: Marshmallow fluff + crumbled graham cracker


“Ice Cream Sandwich”: Cookies & cream Arctic Zero + dark chocolate chips.

Chocolate Cake Thin Topping Options

“PB Joy”: Raw peanut butter + shredded coconut + dark chocolate chips.

Although they were all good I think the peanut butter was my favorite. PB and chocolate is just one of those combinations you just can’t beat!


Light and tasty. You can mix up the toppings and create lots of variations. I’m already brainstorming more for the next time I make them!

I want to know…

What toppings would YOU add?