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Happy Monday and happy April! Although it is April Fool’s Day I will not be participating. When I was little I told my Dad his shoe was untied and it wasn’t and then felt bad for making him look. Therefore, pranks and trickery aren’t really my thing thanks to my guilty conscience.

Did you have a nice Easter? The weather this weekend (well, at least the start of it) was phenomenal. That, plus seeing a robin on Saturday’s run, really made it feel like spring.

With the hoilday, Jenna’s mom was in town this weekend so to celebrate she hosted an Easter-themed girls night: wine, egg-dying, dinner.

I arrived to find that Jenna had quite the set-up!

Easter egg dying

Now it’s been quite some time since I colored eggs, so I needed a quick refresher. Turns out it’s just like riding a bike…it all comes back to you.

There were crayons/designs/color gradients…it got serious.

Easter Egg Dying at jenna's

We chatted, enjoyed Boordy Sangria (mmm, Jazzberry) and in the end came up with some pretty good looking eggs if I do say so myself.

Easter eggs with designs batman logo natty boh z and k

It’s always a fun time when Regina’s in town!

Jenna, Denise, Regina

After the eggs were sufficiently colored we enjoyed a dinner of roasted chicken, cous cous and salad. Truly delightful.

Then no girls night would be complete without…

Jenna nailpolish collection

Jenna likes nail polish….a lot. Once they were all laid out she proceeded to organize them by color. She just has to…we don’t question it.

Despite the plethora of options, I just couldn’t bring myself to diverge from my red/pink comfort zone. I wanted something Easter-y and spring-like.

Sally Hansen Something New nail polish

It was such a fun “grown-up” Easter celebration. Thanks Jenna!

DG KM JG Easter 2013

I want to know…

What color nail polish do you have on right now? Brand? Name?

Mine is Sally Hansen “Something New.”