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Z had training from 3-11pm every night this week causing us to operate on opposite schedules. Even though working out together wasn’t always an option, I still tried to continue the main goal from last week: more stretching!

Here’s what I accomplished:


The Tara Stiles usual.


Since I didn’t have to be at work until 9:30, and Z wouldn’t be home later, we got our butt in gear and did a workout before breakfast.

We started with a stretch:

Yoga warm-up

Then tackled Level 2 of Jillian Michaels “Shred-it with weights.”

Jillian Michaels Shred-it with weights

Even thought it’s designed to be a kettlebell workout she provides modifications for dumbbells. I don’t have much experience with kettlebells so it was a nice change of pace in terms of the moves involved.


Once again, the Tara Stiles usual. Seven minutes, twelve seconds of feel good-ness.


Another day, another dive. Forty minutes in the pool will wake you right up.

K Scuba Diving

Later that night it was dance time. We continued our swing-dance inspired routine and did more partner work. Unfortunately that involved me falling during one of the lifts dropping myself (and my partner) to the ground. I finished class with a couple of scraped/bruised knees not to mention a bruised ego…both of which are still healing as we speak.


With all the digestion-related talk around here these days I thought it only appropriate to try out a Tara Stiles routine for that specific purpose!

Digestion yoga


I knew Z would be away at training so I scheduled a workout DVD from Netflix to arrive during this time. One that I knew would be more up MY alley:Ballet Conditioning


Ballet Conditioning

This brought me right back to my childhood. I took ballet K-12 and these were the same exercises that we started each class off with! It’s amazing how such small, subtle movements can make create such a big impact. My legs were burning from all the pulses and lifts. This is the same basic theory behind the new “Barre” classes that are all the rage these days. I have yet to take one (soon hopefully) but expect it to be pretty similar.


It was our last training run before the 8K. Unfortunately Z will not be able to make the race after all, but I figure since I already paid I may as well go.

Our training group met up at 10am for a run around Hopkins.

3.39 mile Johns Hopkins Run

It only turned out to be 3.39 miles (we thought it was longer…) but that was fine by me. Even though the weather was perfect, my legs felt like bricks from the workout the day before and I was trudging along at a slower than usual pace. I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to enjoy myself, but my head just wasn’t in it. A bad run is better than no run at all I suppose.

Now I want to know…

Did you ever take dance classes when you were little?