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It’s been a lot of food talk around here recently! Today’s the last day of my week-long Low FODMAP challenge and tomorrow I plan on taking time to reflect on the experience and any changes I saw. But until then I thought a wedding update would be a nice change of pace.

The Priority

Besides the location and the dress, the next most important thing to me is the photographer. You only do this once, and you will look back at these pictures for years to come.

Especially in our case with a small intimate destination wedding, having lots of pictures that truly capture the experience to share with everyone back home is a must.

The Shots

I find I’m most drawn to the photojournalistic style. Images that unobtrusively capture a moment in time.  Posed and staged shots have their time and place but it’s nice to remember the little details of it all.

Looking back at my “Capture the Moment” Pinterest board, here are just a few shot that I really enjoy:


Meg Baisden Photography


SunHorse Weddings. Photo by Kate Bahnsen


Blueberry Weddings

The Decision

The big question is, how do you choose a photographer?

So far my investigations into on-island photographers has left me unimpressed. I don’t want pictures that I feel I could have taken myself.

The other option: fly someone in. This is obviously a costly option what with flight and accommodations on top of everything else.

I’ve come across a few photographers, such as Justin Hankins, who regularly photograph destination weddings. The prices he provides include a portion of the transportation costs. That will be something to keep in mind when I start getting down to the nitty-gritty and comparing prices.

Not a bad view of St. Lucia, huh? Click here to see more from this Soufriere wedding.


Above all, the best photographer I’ve come across…the one I keep comparing all others to: Elizabeth Medina.


Elizabeth is based out of Mexico…I found her while investigating Isla Mujeres as a possible destination. She is NOT cheap. But her pictures are GORGEOUS. I follow her on Facebook and am amazed day after day by the pictures she posts. In a perfect world, money would be no object and I would fly her to St. Lucia, no problem. If you want pretty things to look at, click on the link above to see her website.

The Advice

My Mom consulted her friend Kristine Palmer, a photographer in Hyde Park, New York, for insight.


Her advice:

“I tell people to find a photographer who’s work they love and who’s personality they really like! As a bride and groom you really need to like your photographer, you spend your whole day with them!”

Tips for comparing and contrasting:

The packages between photographers can vary and prices can be all over the place too. Shop around! The following should really be included:

      • FULL DAY COVERAGE: Normally that day starts with the bride 2hrs before she leaves for the ceremony and ends when the reception ends.
      • TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS: Some photos are logistically impossible without 2 shooters (bride coming down the aisle with her Dad and a shot of her train as she walks down the aisle with her Dad).
      • RIGHTS TO YOUR IMAGES: for personal use (DVD of all images with a release)

Thanks Kristine!

I really must get serious about this as each day that passes is one more day photographers could be getting booked. I’ve already encountered this with two that I’ve contacted. The good ones are snatched up well in advance!

I want to know…

What was the deciding factor in choosing YOUR wedding photographer? Any tips/tricks/hints/advice I should know about?