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I’ve got another busy day planned: a run around the harbor, house cleaning, dinner party with my favorite girls, and spending time with Z who I feel like I haven’t seen for more than 5 minutes this week as a result of our schedules.

Before I step away from the computer, I thought it would be fun to summarize some of the search terms that have brought people to this lovely little site over the past month:

Top Search Terms

1. “Race bib holder”: This remains my most viewed post to date. A lot of runners out there are looking for ways to display their accomplishments. I realized I should probably make one of these for myself too!

DIY Race Bib holder from The Adventures of Z and K

2. “DIY necklines,” “DIY tank top”: There are obviously lots of crafty people out there. Thanks to Pinterest this tank top tutorial’s been mighty popular. I’ve also realized it’s been awhile since I’ve done a good DIY project. Might have to change that.

The Adventures of Z and K DIY Tank Top from Pinterest

3.Adventures of Z and K”: Well, this one’s pretty obvious. Thanks for searching and thanks for reading!

(I recently started a Facebook page so be sure to follow me there as well!)

The Adventures of Z and K Facebook Page

Random Yet Relevant Search Terms

  • Printable workouts with pictures”: I get a lot of workout ideas from Pinterest as well as the” other blogs I read. You can find a bunch of the strength training workouts I’ve tried on my Workouts page.

The Adventures of Z and K Stretngth Training Workout Ideas

  • Clueless about curtains”: This was the name of a random post I did when Z and I were getting settled in our new row home. Curtain placement can instantly make your room look larger than it is.

Z drilling wall

K and Z St. Lucia Piton Hike

Any other St. Lucia brides out there? Former or future? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

There you have it! I appreciate each and every one of you who stops by and reads this little blog of mine, whether you’re friend or family, subscriber, or random searcher.

Have a good weekend!