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Z and I have really been slacking on the whole date night thing. Therefore this past Friday we decided it was about time! But the question was…where to go?

I put a call out on twitter asking for restaurant recommendations and got some great suggestions thanks to local bloggers Kate & Brittany.

There were so many delicious sounding options however we were limited by the fact that it was a Friday night, on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and parking in Fells Point can be atrocious. We agreed we would stick to somewhere within walking distance so as not to have to move the car (ah the joys of city life).

The Restaurant

I suggested we go to Salt in Upper Fells. Salt Tavern on UrbanspoonI had been once before for Restaurant Week and remember it being tasty. Not to mention they had two dishes on the menu that I was instantly drawn to.


It was early (as in shortly after 5, because we’re old) so getting a table was no problem despite the restaurant’s small size.

Z and Cocktail Menu at Salt

The Beverages

We were seated in the bar area which has a futuristic, yet trendy, feel. It was only necessary to sample one of their signature cocktails. When in Rome…

K and Salt Bar AreaThe “French Kiss” consisted of nothing more than sparkling wine and raspberry lemon puree. It was light, bubbly and refreshing.

As usual we planned on utilizing the “Z &K Dining Out Strategy of Awesomeness” and split an appetizer, entrée (…and dessert).

The Appetizer

When I looked at the menu at home I knew immediately what I wanted:

Winter Greens and Fennel Salad
Serrano ham, dried cherries, manchego cheese, anjou pears, almond sherry vinaigrette


It was a bit heavy on the dressing for my liking, but otherwise it was a good flavor combination and I loved the fact that it consisted mostly of kale.

The Entrée

When dining out I tend to be drawn towards fish dishes seeing as how any we make at home are about as simple as it gets. When looking over the menu I was contemplating the salmon until I came across this:

Baked Stuffed Acorn Squash
Spelt berries, root vegetables, sun-dried cranberries, aged cheddar, pine nuts


Phenomenal…..the end. I cannot even begin to explain how amazing it was. The spelt berries were chewy and cheesy, the pine nuts were toasted and added a nice crunch, and the squash on the bottom added a sweet touch.

SO good. Although SO filling. Splitting it ended up being a great decision. If you go to Salt order this! You will not be sorry!

The Dessert

Splitting meals allows you to taste everything without filling up and therefore leaving room for….

Sat Dessert Menu and Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart

While I love me some ice cream cones, I couldn’t pass up chocolate. It would have just been wrong.

This tart was heavenly. Tasted just like a fancy Snickers bar (which happen to be Z’s fave). Chocolate and peanut butter in any combination is a good idea.

The Bill

Another date night comes to a close. By splitting everything we were able to walk out of there having spent under $45, feeling satisfied but not grossly full.


If you’re in the Fells Point area definitely check this place out!