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Happy Saturday to you! I feel like we’ve been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for awhile now and can’t believe it still hasn’t happened. I passed a large sign yesterday alerting drivers to the fact that Canton Square will be shut down for the next two days for…

Claddagh Meet In the Street Party 2013

…as much fun as crowds, beer and overall debauchery sounds, I think I’ll stick with going to work, coming home, and watching tv. Much more my speed.

If you’re like me and looking to get into the spirit of the holiday involving something other than Guinness or Jameson, here are some fun recipes I’ve come across this week:

St Patricks Day Recipe Round Up

  1. Creamy Green Smoothie with a Hint of Mint – SkinnyMs.
  2. Minty Irish Power Balls– Barr & Table
  3. Cucumber Shamrock- Eye Likes Food
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Pizza– Make The Best of Everything
  5. Shamrock Tortilla Chips– Spiced
  6. Green Goddess Grilled Cheese– Me!
  7. Green Juice Salad- Iowa Girl Eats

I think my favorite are the shamrock tortilla chips. So cute and festive!

However it is you are celebrating, enjoy!

I love baltimore st patricks day shirt

I want to know…

Doing anything fun for St. Patrick’s Day this year?