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After realizing that menu planning first thing in the morning on my day off stresses me out, I was proactive and did it all BEFORE today. Therefore here it is, coming on 8am, and I’m ready to head out the door and get an early start at Trader Joe’s.

As far as what I came up with for this past week, there were a couple of days where we just winged it, but in my mind these were the highlights….

Monday- Green Goddess Grilled Cheese & Carrot Soup

Recipe Source: Taste Spotting
The Verdict: LOVED IT!

Despite not having appropriate bread. Fresh basil….nothing like it.

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese

Tuesday- BBQ Chicken Apple Quesadillas

Recipe Source: Iowa Girl Eats
The Verdict: Tasted JUST like BBQ chicken pizza (a personal fave).

Kristen never fails to deliver when it comes to quesadillasThe sweetness of the BBQ sauce and apple went perfectly with the sharp cheddar. Quick and easy to assemble. Might just be making it again this week….


BBQ Chicken Apple Quesadilla

Alongside the quesadillas we threw together a salad of spring mix, clementines, apple and cashews. A splash of orange juice on top replaced the need for dressing. Fruit and Cashew Salad

Wednesday- Taco Salad

Recipe Source: My mind.
The Verdict: Delightful.

Initially I had planned on making Julie’s Taco Pasta Skillet but was craving something lighter. All the fixings of a taco served over a bed of spring mix. Ground turkey with homemade taco seasoning, tomato, avocado, sharp cheddar, plain greek yogurt.


Taco salald with ground turkey, avocado, tomato, greek yogurt over spring mix

There you have it! Off to Trader Joe’s for this week’s supplies. Happy Friday!