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I haven’t done a “Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words” post in awhile (was it really all the way back in September?!).

For those who may be new around here I started it as a way to share some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken over the years and the stories behind them.

Previous entries have been:

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Costa Rica

With the warm temperatures, daylight savings time and the official start of spring my thoughts are instantly drawn towards the beautiful foliage that’s associated with this time of year. Therefore I decided to share with you some of my favorite floral-y pictures.

Denali Alaska Wild Flowers

While visiting Denali National Park in Alaska, my family and I stayed in a small lodge comprised of individual cabins. Outside, resting on the railing, was a gorgeous array of wild flowers.

6- crows nest cabins2

I took my camera and started snapping away.

6- crows nest wildflowers 2

6- crows nest wildflowers 3

6- crows nest wildflowers 8

My favorite, up close and personal:

6- crows nest wildflowers 11 sunflower close up2

I hope this puts you in a spring-like mood. Just the sight of sunflowers makes me smile.

I want to know…

What aspect of spring do you look forward to the most?