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My work week started off with a little SCUBA. Doesn’t everyone’s?


I used ToneItUp.com as inspiration again this week. I just really like taking the guess work out of which workout to choose. They make suggestions for you!

Their suggestion was a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout to get the heart rate up. I came across this one on Pinterest:


After we completed the TIU “Cowabunga” surf-inspired circuit

Surf inspired total body circuit!

Three times through was no joke! I was exhausted!


This was the day of the snow-storm that wasn’t. Dance class was canceled that night so I took that time to get some stretching in.

Yoga for stretching!

We then did a full body circuit followed by an arm focused routine. I’m sure Z’s thankful for this workout getting him ready for cocktail dresses!

Cocktail Dress Workout
All about arms!


Z’s military ID allows us access to Fort Meade and all that is located there…including the fitness center. Free gym access? Don’t mind if I do!

We had planned on a run to keep on track with our 8K training. Instead of a blustery chilly outdoor event we went with the warm indoor option instead.

Fort Meade Gym (4)

Unfortunately it was a Friday afternoon and the place was quite busy. We had to wait for a treadmill so took some time to stretch out the muscles and warm up a bit.

The treadmills opened up not long after and I hopped on for the 3.4 mile run I had planned.

It’s been AGES since I’ve ran on one and it took some getting used to. I came to the following conclusion: it’s boring. I much prefer to see the Inner Harbor than stare at a wall in front of me. The TVs weren’t even showing anything interesting!

I took the run at a slightly slower pace since I was working on increasing distance. In the end I completed it but just barely…I wasn’t feeling 100%.

Fort Meade Gym (2)

Take home message: I’m an outdoor runner. Spring cannot come soon enough!


That treadmill did a number on my hips! Time for some fun with foam. Thanks to YouTube I came across this full body rolling how-to video.

Gosh it’s good.

I want to know…

How are you celebrating the return of this weekend’s spring-like weather?