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I recently learned that March = National Nutrition Month.


Over the past couple of years I’ve attempted to educate myself about the world of food. Chronic stomach issues have led me on a quest for knowledge down to the molecular level in order to figure out what components of certain meal might be causing me issues (call me a science nerd but I enjoy reading about this type of thing).

In honor of National Nutrition Month I plan on dedicating one post a week to helpful hints, guidelines and nutrition facts.

“Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day”. 030

That is the theme of the 40th Anniversary of National Nutrition Month. The slogan speaks to the fact that no two people are alike. Just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Can’t stand the thought of kale? Don’t get the whole chia seed “thing”? Never heard of stevia? That’s ok! Take time to find what “eating right” means to you.

What “Eating Right” Means to Me:

I try and view food as a fuel and therefore filling up with the best quality options is a way of taking care of myself.


  • Consuming whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.
  • Eating small and eating often.
  • Start everyday with a balanced breakfast.
  • Buying foods with simple ingredient lists/things I can pronounce.
  • Always paying attention to portion sizes.
  • Limiting caffeine and alcohol.
  • Water water water!
  • Enjoying treats in moderation.

Z and I cook our own dinners every night of the week and I bring my lunch from home every day. Doing this gives us control over the foods that we eat and make sure that we are getting the healthiest options we can.


While grabbing fast-food for lunch or ordering take-out for dinner may sound convenient, creating your own healthy meal can be quick and super simple.

MyPlate.gov is a great resource for healthy eating tips. Here’s a fun tip sheet I came across that may make meal prep seem less intimidating:


I therefore encourage everyone to find what works for you. Maybe you just take one of the above suggestions and incorporate it. Small steps can lead to big results!

I want to know…

What does “eating right” mean to YOU?