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With the days getting longer, the weather taking a turn for the better, my motivation was much improved this week. I’ve got a case of spring fever and cannot wait for 60 degree temps to be the norm.


I started off my work week with a little SCUBA. Hand scrubbing for an hour definitely worked my arms….unique strength training indeed.


The weather was beautiful. Near 60 degrees and sunny. Z and I took advantage of this fact and get back in the swing of things with a run around Fort McHenry.


Just your standard run around a notable historical landmark (love Baltimore!).




The sunshine felt so good that we even sat outside and stretched (something I need to do more often). By the time we were done I was more than ready for spring.

TUESDAY- Backside

ToneItUp  offers weekly workout plans which I’m finding to be quite useful. I enjoy someone telling me what workouts to do on what days and coming up with them for me. Makes working out fool-proof! While I customize it based on my schedule Tuesday we did their “Love Your Booty” lower-body workout. Click on the image below to see the entire thing.


We were following along with the video and therefore didn’t know the exact amount of reps. In going back and checking they recommend dong the circuit three times through….we did one…whoops.

Wednesday- Backside & Abs

In order to validate ourselves we went back through and completed the “Love Your Booty” workout another time, without the video but with the correct number of reps. It’s very efficient!

We also added in the “Sunkissed Abs” routine.


Wednesday ended as it usually does: with dance. Stretch stretch stretch, high kick, turn and leap. You know, the usual.

FRIDAY- Total Body + Abs

We got errands and chores done in the morning then completed the following in the afternoon:

Sandcastle Workout


Itty Bitty Bikini Abs Workout



Z and I just signed up for an 8K run the first week in April. That is 4.97 miles, aka double the distance we’re used to running these days. We joined a training group organized through Z’s church to get us prepared.

We met at the church by Hopkins and ran a 3.1 mile loop around the area.image

Although it was a brisk 40 degrees the sun was shinning which warmed things up a bit.

That’s all. Come onnnnnnnn spring!