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It’s What I Ate Wednesday AND “Love Your Veggies Month” over at Peas and Crayons. Therefore I thought it would be the perfect time to highlight one of my favorite veggie-based dinners from the past week: zucchini crust pizza.

Zucchini Crust Pizza

If you remember Z and I attempted this recipe once before. Thanks to a missing ingredient and a run-in with the broiler it didn’t turn out 100% the way I had hoped. Sure the flavors were still there and it was tasty but I knew I could do better.

Fast forward to Saturday night. My Mom was in town helping me shop for wedding dresses and I decided to attempt to wow and delight her with this unique recipe.

Click over to Kalyn’s Kitchen.for the exact recipe, but here’s the basics that you need to know:

STEP 1: Start with two medium-sized zucchinis. This amount was ideal for two servings so plan accordingly if you’re cooking for more.


Chop into small pieces and place in food processor. Give it a quick whirl (not too much or you’ll end up with a green baby-food-looking puree) and transfer to a microwaveable container. I ended up with about 4 cups worth.


STEP 2:Microwave in bowl for 5 minutes.


STEP 3: Line a colander with a dish towel and pour in zucchini. Let drain and cool.


STEP 4: In the meantime gather the rest of the crust ingredients. Since egg irritates my stomach, I used olive oil as a replacement.

Zucchini crust pizza ingredients

STEP 5: Once cool, wring out excess water from zucchini and place in bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Mix thoroughly (hands were my preferred method).


STEP 6: Form into pizzas. Be careful not to make them too thin! That was my mistake the first time.


STEP 7: Bake at 450 for 13 or so minutes (or until slightly browned). Remove and add toppings. Mine included: pizza sauce, balsamic chicken, mozzarella cheese. Place back in oven until cheese is melty (3-5 minutes).


STEP 8: EAT! I ended up throwing on some fresh basil and sundried tomatoes at the end. The basil makes it in my opinion.


THE VERDICT: Once again excellent! I enjoyed every bite! Using the olive oil in place of the egg seemed to help in holding everything together and focusing on making them thicker helped as well. I also avoided broiler usage this time as well and the cheese ended up ooey and gooey without burning. Therefore second time a success!

I want to know…

What is your FAVORITE pizza topping?

I may have to say anything with fresh basil because I just love it so much!