Last week Z and I found ourselves faced with cold, dreary, rainy weather. The last thing we wanted to do was willingly go outside and run. Therefore we decided to try out a different form of cardio: Zumba!

One block away from us is Sanctuary Bodyworks. Located in an old church they have renovated the space to create a 5000 square foot fitness studio.

Having lived in Fells Point for the past 6 years I’ve seen this church lay vacant for most of that time. I was excited to see that someone finally moved in there and even more excited to find out it was a fitness studio!

Sanctuary Bodyworks Fells Point

Sanctuary is not a typical gym. They mostly cater towards those looking for personal training. However they also offer a variety of fitness classes including pilates, zumba, yoga, barre, even tango!  While not cheap (a drop in class is $16) you can get 5 and 10 class cards at discounted rates.

I mentioned the Zumba class to Z and, being the kind of person to try anything once, he was on board. So….off to church!

Sanctuary Bodyworks Fells Point

I was eager to find out what the inside of this building looked like!

Sanctuary Bodyworks Fells Point

Needless to say, it was beautiful.

Sanctuary Bodyworks Fells Point

Our class took place in the group fitness room, the one with the windows in the picture above.

We had a small group….5 women…and Z. Our instructor, Joan, explained that you don’t have to do the moves correctly, just move.

Now I’ve done Zumba multiple times before but for Z this was his first. He was a good sport and tried his best to pick up the steps. As for me, my moves looked more like “ballerina attempting latin dancing” but I still had fun. An hour of dancing to upbeat songs, Gangnam style included, sounds good to me.

Zumba was fun but what I really want to try is the barre class…more in line with my ballerina roots. I shall have to pencil that in for the coming weeks. Hooray for trying new things!