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Another week where the cold weather wins out. Squashing my grand workout plans and draining my motivation. Is it springtime yet?!


Z and I rolled out of bed and did a workout. It’s been awhile since we’ve done one in the morning and I enjoyed getting it out of the way. Can’t wait until the sun comes up earlier and my motivation for regular AM workouts returns.

We went with arms

Tone It Up Arms Workout video

…and backside.

Tone It Up Booty Workout


The weather was not conducive to a run so instead we opted for another form of cardio…ZUMBA! I took Z to his first class and while he claimed he was “so lost” it was still a fun time. More on that to come!

Zumba Fitness


I spent the morning training new divers at work. That meant almost two hours under water! Once again, I never realize how much of a workout it actually is until after I’ve done it. Whew, I was tired!

Later on it was dance time! As usual the 20 minutes of stretching was just what I needed. We worked more on our Lucy Strike choreography which involved lots of rolling around on the floor. I left with a sore shoulder but figured….if you have bruises you must be doing it right #danceproblems.


It was my Friday. My body needed a break. Rest and relaxation.


The weather was 40 and misting/raining/gross.

We started with a Tara Stiles warm-up stretch:

Tara Stiles Morning Yoga Stretch

Followed by a Peanut Butter Fingers total body circuit:

PBFingers Saturday Morning Circuit Workout

My Mom was downstairs during this time and said that she thought the floor was going to cave in! Between plank jacks and burpees it’s a good thing we don’t have downstairs neighbors.

This week we didn’t run. Not once. It was something I had to come to terms with. I felt like we failed in the goals we set for ourselves. However I’ve realized that because running isn’t something that comes easy to me, doing it when it’s cold and gross out makes it even harder. When the weather is sunshiney and warm I love the opportunity to get outside and be active. But here in dreary late February running becomes more of a chore.

This week we tried out a different form of cardio (zumba) and made sure to work some in with out strength training too.

We didn’t run and yet the world didn’t end. Who would have thought.

Now I want to know…

Have you ever tried Zumba? If so, what’d you think?