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Today’s word in the “Love Your Health” Challenge: homemade.


While perhaps intended to be written about homemade foods (it is a health-related challenge), I’m interpreting it in a different way: crafts. Creativity contributes to my mental health so I’d say it qualifies.

I’ve always been a crafty and creative person (I am my mother’s daughter after all). Because of this I tend to favor homemade cards/gifts/diy projects over store bought goods.


I believe that the time, thought and effort that goes into homemade gifts shows a level of thoughtfulness that goes beyond a quick click purchase off Amazon. Not only do I like to give gifts like these, but receive them as well.

2- jn and little italy pic

An enlarged picture of Jenna next to a “Little Italy” sign surrounded by a matte frame. Party guests wrote birthday wishes at her Italian-themed birthday extravaganza. 3- card

Single Ladies engagement card. Beyonce graced the cover. On the inside: “He put a ring on it!”090

Denise’s Twilight-themed bachelorette party. After searching the internet I found tons of ideas for DIY decorations including soda labels and movie quotes.

DLD and cake

While I didn’t make this I felt the need to highlight it. Denise’s mother-in-law made a phenomenal sandcastle cake for her bridal shower. Towers and all!


These have been two of the highest viewed posts on my blog which makes me think that many others out there have that crafty creative DIY mentality too.


DIY Race Bib Holder


As seen on Pinterest: Make your own workout tank top!


I must mention that my homemade preferences also apply to things such as Halloween costumes…

…and teen country pop-star concert apparel:

taylgating for taylor


I love breaking out my craft supplies and coming up with fun projects! Why buy it when you can make it?!

I want to know…

What is the best homemade gift you’ve given or received?