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Today’s word in the “Love Your Health” Challenge: self-control.


A big part of my attempt at healthy-eating is sticking to recommended portion sizes.

I can tell you without hesitation that one serving of animal crackers = 17. I make sure to pack exactly that many with my lunch each day otherwise I’d down the entire bag and not think twice.


The same goes for almonds. I love them and would certainly be able to polish off handful after handful, but a glance at the nutrition facts shows you a single serving is approximately 1/4 cup or 23 almonds.

I came across this helpful graphic for estimating a serving:
(Courtesy of The Almond Board of California)

Handful a day

I tested it out and sure enough….1 shot glass = 1/4 cup! Who knew?!

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Did you notice in the graphic above they mention a tin? I investigated and now I’ve decided I should probably own one:


A little container? Just for almonds?! Sign me up!

Now I want to know…

Are you a stickler for recommended portion sizes? Or more the eyeball/estimate type?