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It’s my second day participating in Keeping Up With Katie’s “Love Your Health” Challenge.  Today’s word: indulge. http://goodoledaze.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/picmonkey-collage8.png

I believe that in the world of healthy living there is always room for a bit of indulging. Just like with everything else, as long as it’s done in moderation it can keep us all happy!

One of my indulgences is chocolate. I LOVE it. I’m a die hard dark chocolate fan and love any accompanied by hazelnuts.

While visiting Z’s parents awhile back, Kristi had given us a copy of Wine Spectator magazine. It is full of stories and reviews of wines galore. Right up our alley!

However the article that stood out the most to me was one on chocolate (shocking…). The author, Owen Dugan, wrote about taking wine tasting principles and applying them to chocolate.

Tasting involves really experiencing the wine—the color, aroma and complexity of flavors. Why not do the same with chocolate?

Dugan decided to host a chocolate tasting party encouraging guests to take notice of the color, bite, primary and secondary flavors of each piece of chocolate.

I LOVED this idea. All too often we just gulp down chocolate to satisfy our sweet tooth. But how often do we stop and take notice of the color and bite?!

Chocolate Tasting How-To

STEP 1: Pick a theme. It could be varying percentages of dark chocolate, chocolate featuring fruit and nuts, all caramel chocolates, the possibilities are endless!


STEP 2:  Cut chocolate into tiny pieces for tasting. Seeing as how opinions are often times influenced by brand names, make sure the samples are kept anonymous. Cupcake liners with a label on the bottom are great way to present the chocolate.030


STEP 3: Download the tasting sheet from the Wine Spectator website, or simply create your own.


STEP 4: Have guests sample each chocolate and fill out the sheet with their thoughts. Did the chocolate look glossy or matte? Was the bite melty or dry? What types of flavors were you able to pick up? Citrus? Vanilla? Flowers?

STEP 5: Once your guests have formed their opinions have them rate which ones they liked the best. Maybe try and guess which was the most expensive brand? Does quality come with price? Are large name brands significantly better?


This would make for a fun activity for a gathering with friends. So invite some over and get to tasting!

Forever a chocolate lover,