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For those who may be planning on staying home and cooking a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for your significant other, I have a super easy, very tasty appetizer idea for you.

cucumber and pomegrante bites

I have made these twice now for dinner parties and they are a big hit. I especially love the fact that there are only three ingredients involved!

Pomegranate & Cucumber Bites

Recipe Source: Health.com


1 cucumber

Whipped cream cheese

Pomegranate Seeds

Start by slicing cucumber into medium-sized slices. Next add a thin layer of whipped cream cheese (I used Trader Joe’s variety). Finally top with fresh pomegranate seeds (I went with the pre-packaged kind). Top off with salt & pepper to taste.

making cucumber and pomegranate bites

It’s just that easy! The taste is light and refreshing. It’s a great appetizer in that it takes the edge off while you’re waiting for dinner but won’t fill you up.

cucumber and pomegranate bites on serving tray

Side Note: I really need to wear my apron more often. I received it as a gift and it’s super cute…not to mention it makes me feel so domestic! Check out Flirty Aprons for more fun options!

K wearing flirty apron with cucumber and pomegranate bites

Happy eating.