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On Sunday the Ravens won the Super Bowl!


Unfortunately living so close to the bars in Fells Point meant cheering and honking outside my window until all hours of the night. I suppose a big event like this doesn’t happen all the time though.

My chronic stomach issues seem to have flared up this week, leaving me feeling less than stellar. Finding a time when I felt well enough to be active was therefore a challenge. Here’s what I was able to accomplish despite it all:


The sun was shining all day which was quite deceiving. Although it looked like it should be warm outside, the 35 degrees said otherwise. Despite my dread of the cold, Z and I layered up and headed out for a quick run around our usual route.


With my many layers I maintained a good temperature. All except my hips. They tend to get cold/stiff consistently around mile 1.5. I even had two layers of pants on! Not sure why that is…


The morning started out with some SCUBA. An hour dive vacuuming underwater. A bit chilly but it wakes you RIGHT up!

Later that night was dance class. We reviewed and continued on with the “Lucky Strike” choreography and even got our costumes for this year’s recital. Spoiler alert: there’s a whole lot of sequins going on.


After a 4:30am wake up at work, I was feeling quite sluggish by the time 4pm rolled around. Nevertheless I managed to get myself together and go through Jillian’s 30 day Shred: Level 3 before it was time to shower and head to Jenna’s for the dinner party she was throwing.

I just discovered you can actually view the entire workout on YouTube! A nice option for the cold rainy weather we’ve been having.

Jillian Michaels at home workout


The entire day was rainy and dreary….is it spring yet?!

Continuing on with the theme of  workout videos, I decided to check out Hulu to see what they had to offer. Sure enough there are tons of videos you can stream for free. Anything from Zumba to yoga to kickboxing.

My muscles were a bit tight so Z and I started with a 20 minute yoga video.

Gaiam’s Wake Up Workout The FIRM: Power Yoga

A lot of it was similar to the Yoga For Runners class I went to a few weeks back.

After stretching everything out we decided to throw in some quick ab work.

Six Pack Abs 10 Minute Abs

The video incorporates light dumbbells into the moves which I found to be an interesting twist.

Overall I like the variety of workouts that Hulu has to offer and the best part is that it’s free! The major downside: commercial breaks in the middle of the videos….kinda ruins your yoga flow.


After sitting in front of the computer most of the morning, my muscles felt mighty tight. I therefore turned to my trusty friend: foam.

Total body foam rolling techniques.

I followed this routine, pausing to make sure I got both sides. I fully plan on another go around while catching up on Grey’s Anatomy later.

Then, since I needed to stop at CVS anyway I figured I may as well run there. My GPS wasn’t working on the way there, but I followed the water through Fells before reaching the store (~1mile). From CVS home, 0.5 mile on the dot!


After being sedentary all morning it was good to get out there and move a bit. Especially seeing as how most of the northeast is buried under snow I consider myself lucky–41 degrees and sunshine.

Now I want to know…

What was your favorite workout of the past week?