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Last year a new little gem opened in Fells Point. Located a mere one block from me, Fleet Street Market brings a “farm-to-table” mentality to our neighborhood.


Inside the adorable little shop you will find a variety of local, organic and specialty products. You can think of it as a combination Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods/Farmer’s Market.


When you first walk in you encounter fresh produce, directly from local farms. As opposed to picking up an apple at Safeway and wondering how long ago it was picked, how long it was stored and how long it took to drive it to the store. These are fresh!


Exploring further you will find everything to cover your cooking supplies, baking needs, and snacking desires.


The first time I ever had cashew butter was from Fleet Street Market!


There are multiple refrigerated sections with local meat products, cheeses as well as freshly prepared hummus and salads.


And who doesn’t love a good bulk bin?


If you’re in the need for a sweet treat they’ve got you covered there too! They carry varieties of locally made granola and cookies with freshly baked bread and pastries delivered daily.


On one of our visits, Z and I couldn’t resist and picked up a bag of these Kinderhook “Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies” baked right here in town. They were hearty and soft (I don’t enjoy crispy cookies) and wonderful.


While I’ve never taken advantage of the fact, the Market even features a freshly made soup or sandwiches special each week. You can find descriptions and pictures of what’s available on their Facebook page.


Long story short, I’m so excited to have this as a part of the neighborhood. The people are friendly, the food fresh, what more can you ask for??

To all my fellow Baltimoreans: next time you’re in Fells Point/Downtown, I encourage you to stop by and check it out!


Now I want to know…

What is your favorite local establishment? Do you have a great little corner store or shop in your neighborhood?