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While making this week’s meal plan I tried to focus on using up things that I bought for last week’s dinners. Here’s what that included:

Friday- “Breadless” Cucumber Sandwich & Sweet Potato Fries

Recipe Source: My own mind.

The Verdict: Z had plans Friday night so I was left to my own devices. Whenever that happens my cooking motivation decreases significantly. I had a craving for sweet potato fries so knew they would be a part of the meal if nothing else.

I ended up looking in the fridge and attempting to use up older ingredients. I created “no-bread turkey sandwiches.” Starting with thinly sliced cucumber I added goat cheese, apricot preserve and turkey. It was light, crisp and tasty.

sat 2-2 dinner turkey cucumber and sweet potato

Saturday- BBQ Salmon & Sweet Potato Fries

Recipe Source: My own mind.

The Verdict: This is the second time that we’ve bought salmon from Trader Joe’s and both times we’ve been quite happy with it. It cooks up quickly and tastes nice and fresh.

We made it on the stove and added BBQ sauce at the end. Z missed the sweet potatoes the night before so I made them again. Two nights in a row? Twist my arm.


Sunday- Roasted Red Pepper Pita Pizza

Recipe Source:  Vegetarian Times

The Verdict: SO tasty! Traditional pizza sauce is replaced by a puree of roasted red pepper and sun dried tomato. Top it off with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. Served with a salad on the side.



Romaine with chopped clementine, honey roasted almonds, 100% pure apple juice in place of dressing.

Monday-Avocado, Mozzarella and Bruschetta Chicken

Recipe Source: Iowa Girl Eats

The Verdict: LOVED IT!!!! I think it was really the tomato-basil combination that did it for me. Then there’s the avocado, which I’m obsessed with right now. Served with a salad on the side it was a nutritious, quick and easy meal. IMG_20130204_175925

Tuesday- Chicken Tacos

Recipe Source: My own mind.

The Verdict: Taco Tuesday is back in action! I even made homemade taco seasoning! 029

TJ’s low carb whole wheat tortilla. Greek yogurt. Seasoned chicken, cheddar cheese, avocado and tomato. 1/2 naval orange on the side.

Wednesday- BBQ Cheeseburger Quesadillas

Recipe Source: Iowa Girl Eats

The Verdict: Since as you know we eat these EVERY Wednesday, this week I thought we’d mix things up and make them BBQ flavored!003

TJ’s low carb whole wheat tortilla. Ground turkey with BBQ sauce, honey mustard, Worcestershire sauce, cheddar cheese, tomato and pickles. Clementine on the side.

Thursday- Dinner Party At Jenna’s!

Recipe Source: Me- appetizer, Denise- salad, Jenna- main course.

The Verdict: The salad was the highlight for me. In fact it was so good I think it might be worth of its own post. More on that to come…




For the coming week we’re going to focus on keeping it simple and using up what’s in our pantry. That includes lots of quinoa, some pasta, some tomato sauce and chicken that we have in the freezer.

Until next time!