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It is time again for “What I Ate Wednesday.” I share my post over on Peas & Crayons so head there for fun food inspirations and recipes ideas from bloggers just like me!

In terms of eats, here’s what Tuesday included:

Breakfast- 7am

I’m so lucky that I have a fiancé that will make me breakfast while I get ready for work in the morning. I came downstairs to find this:

greek yogurt and almond butter banana toast

0% plain Greek yogurt with blueberries, TJ’s honey almond slivers and chia seeds. TJ’s wheat berry toast (my new fave) with almond butter and banana.

AM Snack- 10am

My go-to is most often fruit + almonds. Z & I bought a bag of pears at Costco last week and these things are MASSIVE (placing it on a salad plate I was hoping to add perspective). Knowing that a little protein goes a long way I snacked on the TJ’s sesame-honey almonds and raw cashew pieces from my snack mix (saving the dried prunes for another time).

costco pear and trader joe's sesame honey almonds and cashew pieces

Lunch- 1pm

I knew while packing it that this would be a good lunch. It had everything: protein, whole grain, healthy fat, fruit, veggies, and a treat! In fact it was so filling that I didn’t even get around to eating the animal crackers….and that’s saying something coming from me. packed lunch idea turkey sandwich with avocado tomato and cheddar carrot strawberries animal crackers

1/2 turkey sandwich on TJ’s wheatberry bread, tomato, avocado, cheddar and balsamic vinaigrette.  Side of carrots and fresh strawberries. Animal crackers (of course).

PM Snack- 4pm

My yummy lunch kept me contently full most of the afternoon. Around 4 I just needed a little something so snacked on two clementines (another Costco purchase) that were delightfully sweet.


Dinner- 5:45pm

TACO Tuesday! On the menu: chicken tacos with homemade seasoning (inspired by Budget Bytes).

chicken taco with homemade taco seasoning and naval orange

Seasoned chicken with plain Greek yogurt, cheddar cheese, tomato and mashed avocado on TJ’s low-carb whole wheat tortilla. 1/2 naval orange on the side.

Dessert- 6:30pm

The best way to end the day. The warm ooey-gooey-ness of a s’more is just so appealing when it’s 35 degrees out.

smores from toaster oven with cinnamon graham cracker marshmallow and dark chocolate

TJ’s old fashioned cinnamon graham cracker, marshmallow, topped with a piece of 85% dark chocolate.*

(*Set toaster oven to 325 and watch until the top of the marshmallow starts to brown. Keep an eye on it though because it goes from brown—>burnt very quickly.)

smores in toaster oven

Now, I want to know…

When is the last time you made s’mores over a campfire?

I’ve become quite an expert at the microwave/toaster oven variety but can’t really remember last time I made them over a fire. October 2010 maybe? (aka long time ago).