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Super bowl Sunday! I realized while getting dressed this morning I do not own a single purple item of clothing. Black is a Raven’s color though so I’m gonna go with that.

Here’s my recap of last week’s workouts…


I woke up and felt like I needed a stretch. Roll out of bed and into downward dog:

Great to do right after you get out of bed.


We had unusually warm temperatures so Z and I decided we could not pass up the opportunity to get a run in. We mixed things up and instead of the waterfront we went to Patterson Park instead.

Patterson Park Pagoda and Fountain

Unfortunately my phone stopped recording at mile 1.7 but we did run all the way back home. So let’s call it 2 miles and change.Patterson Park Loop on Nike+ Run


The route we took ended with a large hill (the same we faced in the BARCS 5K back in October). I felt great during the run though and even though the hill was tough I felt good. Redemption!

Once we got home we did a quick ab workout from Random Abs. Every day they generates a different routine and post it on their website and Facebook page. Pretty handy if you ask me.Random abs workout generator


Although I was tired and ready to veg on the couch after I got home from work I made myself put on my dance clothes and make the 20 minute drive to class. I always feel so much better once I do but it’s just so hard when it’s dark and cold out…

After a nice stretch and some kicks and turns we worked some more on our choreography. It’s been helpful for me to video tape myself doing the dance as soon as I get home so that way I remember everything the following week. In order to help everyone in my class do the same I had our teacher record it.

I present to you the ladies of A Step Ahead Dance Center’s Adult Advanced Jazz…

A Step Ahead Dance Center, Parkville, MD


It was time to lift some weights courtesy of Sweet Tooth Sweet Life:

high intensity circuit workout

Z and I both really enjoy tabata workouts and this was no exception. We used our go-to Online Tabata Timer, setting it for 60 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. The whole workout (two times through) takes just under 30 minutes to complete.


After sitting in front of the computer all morning (pat on the back for productivity) some form of movement was needed. Pinterest to the rescue! This workout comes from a blog called, “Cupcakes N’ Crunches.”


The instructions said to complete three rounds of each superset before moving on to the next. What I didn’t realize was how long it would take us! 50 minutes for three rounds of each (plus breaks)! Whew!

I hope everyone has a fun Super Bowl Sunday. As for me, I’m looking forward to Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” myself. Rumor has it they’re adding hedgehog cheerleaders this year…