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play like a raven bannerTomorrow is the highly anticipated Super Bowl. As you can imagine, around these parts it’s kind of a big deal. Although I don’t follow football, I do enjoy the overwhelming sense of hometown pride that is being exhibited. Our city is united, people of all ages and walks of life are coming together for this one purpose. It’s awesome.

With all of the Baltimore spirit going on around here I thought I’d take some time and share with all of you some of the things that I think make this town so great.

The Harbor

For starters I love living by the water. I can walk 1.5 blocks and see this:

Canton Waterfront Park

Canton Waterfront Park

If I wasn’t close to water then I wouldn’t have been able to do this:

Sailing on the Inner Harbor Baltimore

Sailing on the Inner Harbor

The Inner Harbor itself is a touristy paradise. I remember coming here on a family trip when I was younger. We drove all the way from New York, it must be good.K at the Inner Harbor at night

The Lifestyle

Roof decks are a way of life. I’ve been lucky enough to have one and once you do there’s no going back. They are perfect for sipping wine in the spring or sunbathing in the summer or anything involving fireworks.

Fells Point Maryland Roofdeck

Fells Point Roof deck

fourth of july fireworks from roof fells point baltimore md

The Food

Marylanders love crabs (that’s probably how you can tell that I’m not from here). Although I don’t eat them it’s a cultural phenomenon that I truly didn’t understand until I lived here.

Maryland Crab feast crab sizes fells point maryland


I also love the neighborhoods, Little Italy, Greek Town, etc. They provide opportunities to sample authentic cuisine all within a 10 minute walk/drive.

Cannoli from Vacarros dessert Little Italy Baltimore Maryland

Cannolis from Vaccaro’s are THE BEST

The Teams

There’s a reason why Baltimore is called “Bird Land.” With the Orioles and Ravens playing right next door to one another there are plenty of opportunities to attend games. They are a fun social event, win or lose.

home of the orioles baltimore maryland

The Traditions

Every city has its own unique customs, festivals, fairs and celebrations. Baltimore is no exception.

In the early summer you can head down to Canton and watch the Visionary Arts Museum’s annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. Participants design and build a moving structure that they must drive on road, through mud, and float on water.

Kinetic Sculpture Race Canton Baltimore Maryland Visionary Arts Museum

Kinetic Sculpture Race

Once the weather cools down head to 34th street in Hampden to marvel at the spectacle of lights. Every December the residents on this particular block go all out when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations. Visiting is a must on the holiday to-do list.

34th Street Hampden Baltimore Maryland Christmas lights

34th Street

The History

In addition to all things current, Baltimore carries with it a great deal of history. Visitors can step back in time at Fort McHenry…

K & Z Fort McHenry Baltimore Maryland

…or pay tribute to one of history’s most famous writers.

edgar allen poe grave downtown baltimore maryland

Poe’s Grave Downtown

These are just some of the many reasons why I am glad that my choice in college and career led me to this state and this town.

Despite the fact that the color purple is not in my wardrobe….GO RAVENS!