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We’ve made it to the half-way point of January! I’m totally ready to get this winter over with and head right in to spring.


We started with some morning yoga. First we tried out a new stretch routine, which was only alright. Should have known better than to deviate from our girl Tara Stiles. So we finished up with a short stretch done right in bed.

Tara Stiles morning yoga


It was a SCUBA day at work. We had a major dive planned so I threw on a warm wetsuit and headed in to the pool. The new wetsuit I used kept me so incredibly warm that I stayed under for over TWO hours! That is almost unheard of for me. I scrubbed 24 feet of wall with a 30 pound scrubber for all that time. Now THAT’S a workout!

scuba  scrubbing edited

That night I was asleep by 9pm and out cold until the morning. Apparently it took a lot out of me!


Dance night! The stretching felt wonderful after all that diving. I was especially feeling it in my lower back so made sure to pay extra attention to it. We continued our choreography to “Lucky Strike.” The routine is lots of fun and we’ll actually be working on this dance for the next couple weeks. This reminds me, I need to add this song to my running playlist ASAP.

Lucky Strike-Maroon 5


With the fickle forecast and our busy schedule this week we were unsure of when we might get a run in. Thankfully when I got off of work that afternoon the impending rain had not yet started. We figured we would take our chances with a 20 minute run.

We bundled up appropriately. Tops with thumb-holes are the absolute best.

PicMonkey Collage- cold weather run

I switched things up and decided to use Nike+ on my phone to track our run instead of my usual JogTracker app. Besides the colorful display I like how it provides you with the breakdown of your pace in a easy to read chart at the bottom of the map. We did pretty well averaging 9:15 min/mile.



Z had plans to head up to PA to help his parents move (they’re relocating to Iowa!). Therefore our 1pm CrossFit class wasn’t going to work. We opted for an at-home strength session before he went on his way. This one comes from Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life:

high intensity interval circuit1

I enjoy tabata style workouts where the moves are done for a set period of time as opposed to number of reps. The entire circuit took 11 minutes, and we repeated it three times.


The forecast said that Saturday would be the nicest (aka warmest) day for the next week. We took that opportunity to get our second run in. In order to get some additional strength work we did a combo workout from PB Fingers that I had done back in September.

Outdoor Running or Walking Workout

From our house to the Canton Waterfront Park was just about a mile, which worked out well.


We found a nice grassy area and completed the circuit. This was my view during crunches:


I wasn’t feeling 100% (as reflected by our avg pace below) on top of the fact that we had a house to clean and a dinner to make so we decided to just run back home and do the circuit one more time once we got there.


This week’s temps are looking pretty miserable (a HIGH in the 20s?!) which doesn’t do well for my running motivation. Wish me luck!