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Not gonna lie, every week I get nervous right before going to CrossFit. It’s without a doubt intimidating. But every week, once class is over, I feel amazing. This past week’s class was my favorite so far.


First came walking squats. The concept is simple: maintain a squat position while “walking” (more like waddling) across the entire room. This is a great way to stretch your hips.


Then the inch worm, which included a push-up during the middle part:


Finally, to loosen up the entire body:

crossfit harbor east warm up wall ball cleans hand release push ups burpees

These were new-to-me moves:

Wall ball clean
Hand release push ups

STRENGTH: back squats

We partnered up to work on our form for back squats…

high bar back squat how to from the art of manliness

According to The Art of Manliness it’s something every man should know how to do.


CrossFit WOD1-14 kettlebell thrusters pull ups goblet squats

For the actual workout I grabbed the lightest kettlebell I could find so as not to over-do it. Thrusters are simply a combination squat and shoulder press, as you can see by the fine demonstrator below. For our workout we were only to use one arm at a time.

Kettlebell thrusters.

Then came pull-ups. Something I’ve never been able to do in my entire life. So I grabbed the most supportive of the resistance bands to assist me. I focused on good form and getting my chin up and over the bar every time. By the end of the five rounds those 10 pull ups were a struggle even WITH the band.

Lastly, we flipped those kettlebells upside down for goblet squats.

goblet squats how to


I finished up in 10 minutes 39 seconds and felt great. It was challenging but not unbearable. With only one class left on our Living Social deal I hope that it’s just as good!