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Eleven months and counting. That sounds like a lot of time, but in the world of weddings it really is not.

Where to Start???

Sure there are suggested timelines in my bridal magazines (hand-me-downs from Denise, thanks!). Yes there’s a monthly planner on TheKnot. But overall they seem to be designed with a more traditional affair in mind. For Z and I, ours will be anything but that.

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Here are the things that are currently on my radar….

Secure the Venue

Z and I are in the process of finalizing the contract details for the villa we plan to rent. Once the down payment is made it will be officially official.

the gazebo during sunset at le gallerie st. lucia

Add Some White to my Wardrobe

Destination wedding sheath dress with straps from david's bridalimageAfter talking to my married friends they have assured me this should be my next step. The process of ordering and altering a dress can take months upon months.

A destination wedding produces challenges in this area seeing as how most wedding dresses contain tons of fabric. Fabric = hot. St. Lucia while not necessarily overly hot was certainly humid. The last thing I want to do is sweat through my dress!

I’d like something light-weight that DOES NOT look like a night gown as many of the destination wedding designed dresses do (Exhibit A –>).

Save the Dates

We are well aware of the fact that this won’t be the cheapest wedding guest experience ever, therefore the guest list is being kept minimal. We hope to get “Save the Dates” out ASAP in hopes of giving ample time to our friends and family to make plans.

I’ve already have a design I came across on Etsy that I’ve got my sights on…

Hire a Wedding Planner??

The more I think about it the more details I come up with that I’m not sure how to handle. For example, where will we get additional chairs? How do I go about getting local flowers? Where can we get a delicious dessert?

An online message board led me to AwesomeCaribbeanWeddings.com, a St. Lucia based planning service run by two women from the UK who now live on the island. Having people there locally who can handle these details could be a lifesaver not only for the wedding itself, but for my stress level and sanity.

Awesome caribbean weddings home page screen capture

I know I’ve only just scratched the surface here but once these bigger items are crossed off, the smaller ones will more easily fall into place

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How long before your wedding did you get your dress? When did you send out Save the Dates? Did you use a wedding planner at all?