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Today I would like to share my new obsession: apricot jam.

Galena Canning Company Apricot Jam

My new obsession: apricot!

Z’s parents were staying with us before catching a flight out of town and brought us a jar to finish up.

I don’t remember ever having apricot jam before and apparently I was missing out. It is wonderful.

While staring into the fridge last week, brainstorming what to pack for lunch, I came across my favorite little goat cheese medallions. It was then I knew they would be a perfect compliment for jam and make for a delicious chicken topping.

apricot jam and goat cheese chicken breast

STEP 1: Gather ingredients. Goat cheese. Jam. Done!

Galena apricot jam and trader joe's fresh goat cheese medallion

STEP 2: Cook chicken breasts. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

STEP 3: Layer on goat cheese and jam and you’re done! I know it doesn’t look pretty but the taste is worth it.

apricot jam trader joe's goat cheese medallion on chicken breast with zuchinni and quinoa

STEP 4: Serve with vegetable of your choice. I roasted zucchini while the chicken was cooking and mixed it with quinoa, balsamic vinegar, basil and oregano.

THE VERDICT: A fantastic flavor combination. I plan on using it on a turkey sandwich for lunch this week (I made sure to get a new jar of jam at the store this weekend in preparation).