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It seems like everyone at work is sickly. Germs are spreading left and right, people are going home early/calling out on a daily basis. Although I started off the week not feeling 100% I vow not to succumb to the infestation. Gotta stay healthy, stay active…annnnnd disinfect everything around me.


The relatively mild weather this week make for good running conditions. After getting home from work, Z and I headed out on our usual route. I was feeling pretty good so we extended it slightly.



I think a combination of a fueling snack (and adequate digesting time), slightly less cold weather, and a brand new playlist all made for a successful run.


Here it was, Wednesday, and we had yet to get in our first strength workout of the week. Knowing I’d have dance later (and therefore ample opportunity to stretch) I figured fitting one in once I got off work made perfect sense.

Body-Weight Workout For Women

Although designed to be a body-weight only workout, we added weights to the squats, lunges, bridges and calf raises. Overall, I was struggling. My muscles were still tight from running the day before and my legs felt like bricks. The whole thing took us half an hour or so and I was more than ready to be done with it by that time.

As predicted, stretching at dance felt great. My legs were still brick-like though making kicking and leaping challenging. We started a new piece of choreography set to a new to me Maroon 5 song, “Lucky Strike.” The dance is fast-paced, upbeat and super fun. Can’t wait to continue on with it next week!

Maroon 5 “Lucky Strike”


After a morning spent sitting in front of the computer getting things done, CrossFit class 3 of 5 was a great reason to change out of pajamas and leave the house.

The class ended up being my favorite thus far. It was challenging but didn’t make me feel like I was going to die. There were lots of squats combined with upper body work including the dreaded pull-up.

I made sure to spend some time with my friend the foam roller later that evening in hopes of preventing sore muscles.


Despite my best efforts achy hips were the theme of the day. What started out as a run in my mind turned into an afternoon walk through Fells to loosen everything up.



I hadn’t realized how tight my hips were until we actually started moving! There were tons of people out and about in Fells thanks to the weather in the mid-50s and the impending Ravens game.


Another week down and almost half-way through January. Crazy!