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Last week Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean posted a recipe for frozen yogurt trail mix bars and I knew immediately that I would have to make them. Greek yogurt + fruit + almonds? Those are some of my favorite foods right there!the lean green bean fruit and yogurt bars edited

The preparation is simple and allows for you to add whatever mix-ins you might like. For exact measurements and original ingredients head on over to The Lean Green Bean and take a look.

As for me?

STEP 1: Gather yogurt. I used a combo of plain and vanilla for some added flavor.


STEP 2: Choose and chop fruit.

We had a plethora of bananas, so they were an obvious choice.


I also chopped up some blueberries to add to the mix.


STEP 3: Add nuts, granola, etc.

I went with a combination of toasted coconut (my new fave!) and cocoa roast. Mmmmm, almonds.


I didn’t have any granola lying around so I threw in some cereal instead. After I took this picture I threw in some dark chocolate chips I had too. I couldn’t resist.


STEP 4: Mix and place into an aluminum foil lined container.  A brownie pan would have been ideal but since I don’t bake I don’t own one. This was all I could come up with…


STEP 5: Cover and place in the freezer.

Once completely frozen I cut them in to bar-sized pieces and placed them in baggies so I could easily throw them into my lunch box throughout the week.

They are best if given around 5 minutes of thawing time before eating.

THE VERDICT: A delicious combination of some of my favorite foods. You can make so many variations of this recipe using different mix-ins.

Although I found they are not the best thing to eat when you are the slightest bit cold. I will have to keep this recipe around because they would make a great summer treat!


QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite type of almond? Savory? Sweet? Plain?